Simon Oslender

Pianist  | Hammond Organist
Keyboardist | Producer | MD


This is a selection of artists Simon has performed or recorded with:

   Bill Evans | Randy Brecker | Dr. Lonnie Smith | WDR Big Band | Nils Landgren
Wolfgang Haffner | Max Mutzke | Madeline Bell | Metropole Orchestra
Ulf Wakenius | Pimpy Panda | Akua Naru | Candy Dulfer | Butterscotch | Sugaray Rayford
Hanno Busch | Helge Schneider | Georgie Fame | Gregor Meyle | Magnus Lindgren
Thomas Quasthoff | Jeff Cascaro | Cassandra Steen | Cosmo Klein | Federico Gonzalez Pena
Torsten Goods | Kirk Fletcher | Eric Vloeimans | Andreas Kümmert | Max Merseny
Philip Lassiter | Benjamin Herman | Marc Marshall | Peter Fessler | Fola Dada | Tony Marshall
Andrew Strong | Kim Sanders | Joo Kraus | Johnny Logan | Mario Garrucio | Kai Strauss
Reggie Washington | Jazz Orchestra Of The Concertgebouw | Bruno Müller | Ralf Gustke
Christian Von Kaphengst | Felix Lehrmann | Yoran Vroom | Jérôme Cardynaals
The Özdemirs | Nico Gomez | Heribert Leuchter | Marc Huynen

 ...and many more...


Simon plays the Hammond B3 organ, the piano and keyboards, uniting the tradition and heritage of his heroes like Dr. Lonnie Smith, Herbie Hancock, Larry Goldings, Joey DeFrancesco, George Duke, Frank Chastenier and others with his own distinctive approach. Besides his own projects he is also a sought-after sideman and session musician in several acclaimed projects from jazz to blues, funk, soul, gospel, rock and pop music.

Born in Aachen, Germany on March 26, 1998, Simon quickly developed musical interest. Inspired by his father's drumming and his mother's singing he had a strong connection to all kinds of music right from the start. It didn't take long for him to abandon children's music and dive into dad's record collection which consisted of classic rock, lots of blues and soul music.

Simon started drumming at the age of two and later on discovered the Hammond B3 organ when he was five and his father brought home a DVD of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Tom Canning on organ. Simon was hooked. The love for this special instrument hasn't ended.

During the first couple of years after his first encounter with the Hammond Organ, he not only tried to imitate organ sounds on all kinds of keyboards but also started playing along to blues records by ear, trying to figure out chords, harmony and solos. His progress was rapid and by the time he had his first piano lesson - classical training - he was already a capable blues pianist/organist and had gained his first experience playing with bands.

In the following years, he started playing with Big Bands and more projects, won a number of awards (see right column), worked with great teachers and mentors, most notably one of his favorite pianists worldwide, Frank Chastenier (WDR Big Band).

2010 was the year Simon started playing professionally at the age of 12, thus being in the middle of high school. He teamed up with his buddy, drum virtuoso Jérôme Cardynaals and formed Twogether. The duo won 3 prestigious awards at the Prinses Christina Jazz Competition in Amsterdam which served as a strong career start. In their 8 years of playing together, this dream team has toured all over Europe, worked with some of the biggest names in the European and American Jazz world (Dr. Lonnie Smith, Nils Landgren a.o.) produced two acclaimed records and also served as the backbone for international touring artists such as Philip Lassiter, Glen David Andrews or Kirk Fletcher.

At the same time, these events also started Simon's career as a session musician - on Hammond B3, Piano and Keyboards - in all kinds of live and studio situations. He is currently 20 years old and is touring around the globe with a number of great artists from different genres (see credits above) with the mission to make the world a more soulful place and spread love through music.


"Killlllin'!!!!! Show me a line or two!"

Cory Henry

"One of the best multi-keyboardists around"

Roger Smith (Tower Of Power)

"You just sound great!"
Ricky Peterson
"Er stellt seine enormen Fähigkeiten mit Keyboard und Hammondorgel bei flirrenden Soli unter Beweis, ansonsten sorgt er für ein fantastisches Fundament [...]"
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung
"May the funk be with you! Sounds great! Keep it cookin'!"
Pete York, drum legend
"Für besondere Höhepunkte des Konzertes sorgte aber vor allem immer wieder Simon Oslender [...]. Virtuos, feurig und mit eigener stilistischer Note - geradezu unglaublich!"
Mindener Tagesblatt
"Das größte Orgeltalent Deutschlands... Der Wahnsinn! Ein Teenager, der die Hammond und Keyboards bedient, wie ein Alter [...]"
"Sehr bluesig und gekonnt spielt Simon Oslender mit viel Seele das Rhodes-Piano... Wirklich beeindruckend [...]"
OKEY Keyboard Magazine


- 2014 Jazzism Concert Of The Year
- 2014 JazzRockTV "Miles Award" (Twogether)
- 2014 nomination for Bremer Jazzpreis (DE)
- 2013 Hammond Hall Of Fame Nominee
- 2012 WMC Music Award
- 2010 Prinses Christina Concours (Twogether)
- 2010 Heerlen Jazz Award


- WDR Radio
- WDR Aachen TV
- gigs on Limburg L1 Television and Radio
- music for "Gezond Idee" (L1) in 2014
- documentary about Twogether (L1), 2012

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