Simon Oslender

Hammond Organist | Pianist
Keyboardist | Producer | MD


Various Artists
nnerz (2018)


A compilation of tunes written and recorded by all "EU Jazz Award" winners to date.

This album celebrates the life, music and friendship of our deceased brother Justin Van Uum. R.I.P.

w/ Dave Vreuls (trp), Christian Martens (sax), Jerome Cardynaals (dr), Justin Van Uum (b), Robert Van Der Padt (p), Daniel Jonkers (dr), Rob Reyners (voc), Simon Oslender (p, org)

Marc Marshall

Herzschlag (2017)

w/ Gregor Meyle, Tony Marshall, Cassandra Steen, Hanno Busch, Marcus Möller,

Marius Goldhammer, Markus Segschneider, Uwe Metzler, Afra Mussawissade,

Uwe Metzler, Torsten "Haze" Haas, Roland Peil, René Krömer, Thomas Heinz and more...

Simon on Hammond B3 organ and some arrangement work.

Recorded and mixed by Wolfgang "Stackman" Stach at Maarwegstudio2, Cologne, Germany

Pimpy Panda
Pandrenalin (2017)

Alana Alexander - Vocals; Nico Gomez - Vocals; Daniel Hopf - Bass, MD; Tobi Müller - Guitar;
Alex Lipan - Guitar; Vincent Golly - Drums; Simon Oslender - Organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synths

feat. Kirk Fletcher (guitar), Gary Winters (horns), Christian Frentzen (add. keys),
Christian Altehülshorst (trp), Danh Thai (sax), Ludo Coudert (trb)

Marc Huynen

Sad Songs & Groovy Tunes (2016)

Marc Huynen (trp), Rob Sijben (sax), Peter Hermesdorf (sax), Tim Daemen (trb), Bruno Müller (git),

Csaba Szekely (git), Simon Oslender (org/rhd), Gero Körner (pn), Jo Didderen (bs),
Helmut Fass (bs), Jerome Cardynaals (drs), Steffen Thormälen (drs) and many more....

Pimpy Panda

Bamboolicious - full album (2016)


Crazy 10-piece funk/neo-soul collective with a very distinctive and special sound and vision, led by mastermind Daniel Hopf (bass).

Simon on hammond B3, fender rhodes, keyboards as well as arrangement on "Do U Feel The Same" and the production/mixing of "You're The Best Part Of Me".

Jo Didderen & L'Équipe De Rêve
Happy Hour (2016) - CD & LP
Inbetweens Records

Jo Didderen - bass, composition, MD, production
Marc Huynen - trumpet
Tim Daemen - trombone
Rob Sijben - saxophones
Bart Oostindie - guitar
Simon Oslender - Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano
Steffen Thormälen - percussion, production, MD
Jerome Cardynaals - drums

Pimpy Panda


Brand new amazing project with some of the greatest musicians and friends around. Originals, pimped rearrangements of classic songs and some more real fresh and crazy music played by this adventurous 10-piece band.

Ryanne De Bie
Feeling Good (2015)

Ryanne De Bie - vocals
Simon Oslender - keys
Jo Didderen - bass
Jerome Cardynaals - drums
Christian Martens - sax




Simon Oslender - Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes

Jerome Cardynaals - drums


Bruno Müller - guitar

Peter Hermesdorf - sax

Jo Didderen - bass

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HSK Trio
Rise Up (2014)

Daniel Hopf - bass, keys
Steffen Schöps - guitar
Fabian Koke - drums
Simon Oslender - organ, fender rhodes, synth
Daniel Durst - vocals

Pius Celebration
More (2013)

Gospel/pop/soul choir project with Simon on Hammond Organ, keys, and drums.
Big Brothers
2011 LN Records

Simon Oslender - organ, fender rhodes, piano
Jérome Cardynaals - drums
Danh Thai - tenor sax
Marc Huynen - trumpet
Justin Van Uum - acoustic bass